Samsung Galaxy S selling well in S. Korea

In just 19 days the Samsung Galaxy S has sold over 300,000 units in Samsung's home country of South Korea, according to sales figures from SK Telecom -- South Korea's largest carrier.  Those are some serious numbers, and when you factor in the 300,000 HTC Evo 4G handsets sold by Sprint in approximately the same time frame, you're talking well over a half-million Android phones sold in a month in just two handset launches. 

Samsung looks to be seriously on their path to smartphone sales domination, and Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung's Mobile Business Division President, says Samsung expects to sell 10 million (yes million!) units of their Galaxy S smartphones worldwide.  From what we've seen of the Galaxy S series, it makes sense -- they're beastly performers in an attractive package, and with a worldwide launch underway my gut tells me they just might hit that mark.  Now Sprint and Verizon better get their collective behinds in gear and roll out their versions!  [YonHap news via BriefMobile]