Samsung Gear S and Gear Edge

Two phones, a watch and a virtual reality visor give us some really good fare to geek out on

Samsung today unveiled four new products as part of the IFA conference in Berlin, as well as at simultaneous events in New York City and Beijing. Fresh out of South Korea are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Note Edge, the perviously announced Gear S smartwatch, and the Gear VR virtual reality headset, which it's doing in conjunction with Oculus.

  • The Galaxy Note 4 is the next iteration of Samsung's phablet line. (You might hate that term that attempts to straddle the line between phone and tablet, but Samsung has no such reservations.) You can check out our hands-on with the Note 4 here.

  • The Galaxy Note Edge is very much the Note 4, only with one edge curved downward, taking advantage of Samsung's new flexible display technology and turning it into a 160-pixel wide secondary display. (If this sounds familiar, it's because Samsung attempted two screens on one phone with the Continuum in 2010.) We went hands on with the Note Edge, and it's an intriguing smartphone.

  • The Gear S, which Samsung already announced, is Samsung's first curved smartwatch with an impressive 2-inch display and a built-in cellular radio, so it doesn't need a companion smartphone to function. We strapped it on and took it for a brief test run.

  • And in the weird-but-cool category, the Gear VR is a head-mounted visor that uses the Note 4 to transport you inside any number of digital worlds, including the likes of Marvel's Avengers characters, Cirque du Solei, IMAX and more. You'll have to experience it for yourself, but we're bringing you as close as we can with our own hands-on.

And that's just a taste. Be sure to visit all the device links for complete coverage, and stay tuned for more from the IFA conference.