Note 7

At this point, I thought we were done with the Note 7 saga. Turns out that isn't the case, as Samsung is now announcing that it is working with Australian carriers to disable services for Note 7 units in the country. Samsung did the same with New Zealand carriers last month, so it isn't surprising to see the company resort to the same measures in other regions as it tries to get back the few units still out in the wild.

According to the official statement, network access for the Note 7 will be cut off on December 15:

Samsung Electronics Australia is working with local telecommunications operators to discontinue Australian network services for Galaxy Note 7 devices that are still being used in Australia.

The network discontinuation will commence from December 15 and is part of Samsung's ongoing safety measures to recover all affected Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Galaxy Note 7 customers in Australia have responded well to the recent recall, with only a small number of affected devices still in customers' hands.

Note 7 customers in the country will be able to exchange their devices for either a Galaxy S7 or an S7 edge, with Samsung refunding the difference in retail price. The comany is incentivizing the exchange even further by providing AU$250 worth of credit to those returning their Note 7 units. If you're still holding on to your Note 7, it's about time you returned it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7