Samsung Knox

Knox 2.0 to ship on Galaxy S5, come to other Galaxy devices with Android 4.4 updates in Q2

Mobile World Congress

Last year at Mobile World Congress we heard all about how Knox, and how it would help add a layer of security to folks using their own device for work, and today — exactly a year later — version two is announced with some great improvements.

It starts with the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S5. Knox 2.0 will use two-factor biometric authentication, where access to a central keystore will require both a fingerprint and a passcode. Developers of corporate apps and security policy can implement this into their software, and ensure that only the person who should have access is the one who can get access.

On the apps front, Knox can now run "most" applications from Google Play without setting up a new environment, while still keeping the system and kernel secure from malicious code. The Knox software will now secure each apps its data, and prevent unauthorized editing and access to system partitions and other sensitive areas and databases. Samsung will also be setting up a Knox marketplace, where IT staff can set up deploy applications across all users phones. Several companies — including Box and GoTo Meeting — are already on-board.

Knox 2.0 will come installed on the Galaxy S5, and will begin rolling out to other Galaxy phones —it requires Android 4.4 — in the second quarter of 2014.