Qualcomm announced earlier this year that it was working on multi-gigabit wireless connectivity, and Samsung is following suit today by announcing that it has commenced work on a similar Wi-Fi technology that provides a five-fold increase in transmission rates from the current Wi-Fi standard.

Samsung's 60GHz Wi-Fi technology will also utilize the WiGig Alliance's 802.11ad Wi-Fi standard, but the manufacturer is implementing wide-coverage beam forming antennas that mitigate signal attenuation issues. The new technology will allow you to transfer files at a blistering 4.6Gb/s (or 575MB/s), which is five times faster than the 866Mb/s (or 108MB/s) that is possible today.

The 60GHz Wi-Fi technology will make its way into Samsung's mobile devices, Smart Home connected appliances and IoT devices in 2015, which is when the 802.11ad standard itself is set to go commercial.

What do you guys think of Samsung's advancements in the field of wireless networking?

Source: Samsung