Samsung is now sending the SDK for their next-generation Gear smartwatch to developers who signed up to receive access.

Samsung releases SDK for next-generation smartwatch

Developers who registered to receive Samsung's new Gear SDK are now able to download the development materials to get started on their apps. The SDK contains everything a developer will need, including an install manager, development assisting tools, sample apps, and platform images.

It was announced in mid-April that Samsung would be making the SDK for the next-generation Gear smartwatch available to developers before the device itself. Advertising materials for the new SDK also gave us a quick glimpse at Samsung's design change for this year's Gear, with it going round instead of the previous rectangular design.

It is great to see Samsung give these tools to developers early, so that when the new product becomes available apps will already be able to have support built in.

Source: Samsung; Via: Sammobile