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Samsung's Q3 2012 earnings report just hit and it's a big one. Net profits for the quarter were a staggering $5.98 billion ($7.4 billion operating profit), up an amazing 91-percent year-over-year. The profits were led by great sales of its latest high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) and Galaxy Note. The Korean phone manufacturer sold about 58 million handsets in the quarter, about 20 million of which were the Galaxy S3 (compare that to the 27 million iPhones Apple shipped in the quarter). The handset division of Samsung reported $5.12 billion in operating profit, which makes up about 69-percent of total profits.

Other areas of Samsung, such as the chip making and display divisions, performed worse than expectations. Earnings from the chip division dipped 28-percent to just $1.04 billion. Estimates of growth in the TV division have dropped substantially as well.

Source: Reuters; WSJ