A year after launch, Samsung is looking for even more ways to keep customers regularly using Samsung Pay — today's announcement of its own bespoke Samsung Rewards program does just that. It's simple, really: just use Samsung Pay starting this week (in the U.S. only for now) and you'll start racking up rewards points that you can later spend on tons of items.

Samsung Pay on a Gear S3

Samsung Rewards

With Samsung Rewards, you'll pick up points every time you use Samsung Pay to make a purchase, and like other similar programs you'll have opportunities to gain bonus points through offers at certain retailers or specific times of year. Anyone who joins Samsung Rewards before the end of 2016, for example, will receive double points for every purchase. Samsung Rewards will also have loyalty tiers that multiply your points — up to four times the points — on every single purchase.

When you have amassed a wallet full of Rewards points, you can redeem them for Samsung products, discounts on its website, a prepaid Visa card or gift cards from various retailers. There's also the possibility that you could win extra prize giveaways, like trips to hot destinations.

Even though Samsung Rewards works very similarly to credit card-based rewards programs, it doesn't have any effect on what you earn from your credit card issuer. This means you can double up on points, if you wish — get the points from your credit card issuer or bank for purchases, but also get extra rewards from Samsung because you made the transaction in Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay already has a pretty loyal following by those who have found it's far easier to use than NFC-only payment methods like Android Pay, and Samsung Rewards is yet another reason for people to stick with the platform.

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