If you thought Google were the only ones having fun combining wearable head gear with heads-up display technology, think again as Samsung is set to join in the fun with a new patent. The filing shows us a sweet concept – headphones with heads-up displays. Think Google Glass, but with the added benefit of being headphones for media playback.

Samsung Gear Glass Patent

It's a strange one as Samsung has been playing with a variety of concepts, including smart glasses to rival Google's current trials. (And we've previously heard whispers of some kind of smart headset from the Korean manufacturer.) Not much else has been revealed in the patent, so we'll have to see what comes to light in the near future. We've previously looked at reports Samsung will introduce more wearables this year, but it's unknown whether new headphones with heads-up displays are part of the roadmap.

What would you like to see Samsung bring to the table?

Samsung Gear Glass Patent

Source: Kipris, via: SamMobile