Developers submitting apps by November 1 could grab up to $200,000 for their effort

In an effort to pull some developers over to making apps for its up-and-coming platform, Samsung and Intel have put together a $4 million prize system for Tizen app development. As one would expect, app developers are currently spending far more time (or all of their time) developing for the most popular mobile operating systems out there -- such as Android, iOS and even Windows Phone -- far before even considering Tizen. By offering up some big prizes for the best apps it receives in this "Tizen App Challenge", Samsung is hoping to at least kick off development for the platform.

App submissions are categorized into "Games" and "Non-Games", with multiple sub-categories in each. The top app for each category in "Games" will win a $200,000 prize, with 2 runners-up making $100 and 3 more making $40,000. For "Non-games" the prizes will be $120,000, $60,00 and $30,000, respectively. This will certainly create a fight amongst the willing devs to make the best app, but we would have to think that Samsung might be better off spreading out the money to try and draw in more entries at this point.

This may pull away some developer's weekend time attempting to grab one of the top prizes by bringing their Android app over to Tizen, but it's a shaky proposition as to whether they'd stay to develop in any consistent amount for the platform. Google has been working to satisfy developers needs more and more as of late, and it's hard to see many developers pulling away from such a large (and profitable) platform to try something new.

If you're a developer and would like to give the Tizen App Challenge a try, you can pick up all of the details at the source link below and get registered to enter your app. Registered developers will have until November 1st to have their apps submitted to the challenge.

Source: Tizen; Via: CNET