Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR is a neat gadget to accompany the Note 4, but the amount of content available for the face-mounted phone holder has been in question. Samsung is taking a big step to fight that notion today with the launch of Milk VR, an app to deliver even more virtual reality content to the Gear VR. Using the same branding as its streaming music and video services, Milk VR is aimed at delivering a regular flow of 360-degree immersive content to you all within a single app.

Content types will span across several different genres — including music, sports, action and lifestyle — and the offerings will be updated regularly within the Milk VR app rather than downloading individual experiences separately. All of the content can be either downloaded ahead of time or adaptively streamed, but in either case will be the same high resolution provided by the Note 4's screen. The idea is to make Milk VR a one-stop shop for new and exciting content, so you'll have yet another reason to get the Gear VR on your face on a regular basis.

Right now Milk VR is launching as a "technical preview," which is fitting considering the Gear VR is still in an "innovator edition" status itself. This means the content catalog will be limited for some time, but will expand in short order as a finalized version of the app is launched. Milk VR will be available to download starting today for anyone with a Gear VR headset.