Samsung Gear S2 Classic

The 18K rose gold and platinum variants of the Samsung Gear S2 Classic are now available in India, with both variants retailing for ₹34,900 in the country. Samsung also launched a white Gear S2 color variant that will be available for ₹24,300.

In addition to the new variants, Samsung has introduced new app integrations such as Uber for Gear, through which you can hail an Uber directly from your wrist, a note-taking app called My Notes in Gear, and a G'Night sleep tracking app that measures your sleep activity.

There are new dial faces to choose from as well, and the South Korean manufacturer has also rolled out new games, such as Hextris, Vroom Rider, and Hangman. You'll be able to use the rotating bezel of the Gear S2 Classic as a controller for the aforementioned games.

There's no mention as to when you'll be able to pick up the new variants online, but you can head to a Samsung retail store if you're interested in buying the 18K rose gold or platinum models of the Gear S2 Classic.

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