Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S to Cellular South, this much we've known for a while. The regional carrier now has a teaser page, but we're still eagerly awaiting a launch date. This version of Samsung's ubiquitous device looks resemble the Vibrant the most, T-Mobile's take on the phone. One of the exclusive features of this version that differentiates it from the other carriers is Discover Apps.

According to Cellular South's website:

Discover Apps (pre-loaded on the Galaxy S) is your guide to the apps that you want the most, all reviewed and recommended by our Discover Center team. This CS Original App will help you find and use the very best apps for your Galaxy S smartphone, chosen from among the thousands available in Android Market.

The latest announcement does say that the phone will be available "by the holidays." If you're on Cellular South and are interested in getting this device, sign up for email alerts at the source link. [Cellular South] Thanks Jeff!