Samsung Fascinate Launch Sept 9th

Looking for yet more evidence of that Verizon's Galaxy S phone, the Samsung Fascinate, will launch on September 9th before you head off and pre-order from Best Buy? Look no further than the image at right sent in from an anonymous tipster. 

It's a list of the prepaid Smartphone devices for Verizon and there's the Fascinate listed for 9/9/2010. 

As we saw in our Hands-On with the Samsung Fascinate, it's looking to be a fairly straight-forward Galaxy S class phone with conservative styling and, thankfully, a flash to back up the 5-megapixel camera. You can get a pretty good idea of what you'll be looking at by checking out our Samsung Captivate Review or our Samsung Vibrant Review.

In any case, Sept 9th looks solid, which means we can start waiting for an Android 2.2 update and wondering whether it will have fully operational GPS. Given Verizon's history on the latter, our fingers are crossed to tightly we're might have blisters.

Update: Thanks to another unnamed tipster, we have even more reason to believe the September 9 date.  After the break check out another image from Verizon systems saying the Fascinate will be available on the Internet on September 8, followed by an "all channel launch" on September 9.  Get ready!

Fascinate Sep 9 launch
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