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We're still waiting on official word from Verizon, but if you're waking up this morning and hoping to head to a store to pick up the brand new Samsung Droid Charge, sit back down, pour another cup and prepare to wait. Calling around a handful of stores confirmed what we feared -- no Droid Charges for sale until the LTE network issue that brought the HTC ThunderBolt to its knees yesterday is squashed. Sad, but it makes sense. 

The good news is that 4G data is starting to pop back up, so it looks like we're past the worst. Let's just hope this is no more than a black eye on Verizon.

Update: Just got the following e-mail passed on by a reader:

Verizon has delayed the launch of the Samsung Charge company wide. There is no new launch date for this device. ...

The Verizon communication to us to relay to potential customers inquiring about the Samsung Charge is below:

"Verizon Wireless is experiencing unexpected delays with the launch of the Droid Charge by Samsung. Verizon Wireless is committed to providing the very best customer experience with all of their products and services. If you’d like to provide us with your contact information today, we will gladly notify you once the device is available for purchase. Another alternative is to visit to register your email for the latest updates."

Update 2: Verizon on Twitter says all is well with the network.

Update 3: And Verizon's made it official -- the Charge is delayed.

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