Samsung has sent over a press release announcing Samsung 360 Services for Business, which aims to offer large enterprise customers some better mobile features. The program is currently being tested by some companies in preparation for a global launch sometime in 2015.

Here are some of the program's features:

  • Technical Support & Service Desk: Tier 3 technical support including regular health checks, Samsung Knox license management and container support, enterprise mobility management (EMM) license management and EMM platform services. 12 x 5 or 24 x 7 support is available, with customer portal and remote access support.
  • Application Support: Enterprise application developer training, development consultation, application migration and file syncing and sharing services.
  • Security Support: Services to secure the enterprise with mobile health checks, mobile architecture, security review, mobile security assessment and mobile security policy assessment.
  • Deployment Support: Support for Samsung device provisioning, maintenance and upgrades, maintenance release of EMM platforms, migration to new EMM platforms and EMM upgrades.
  • Samsung MobileCare for Enterprise: Extended repair and warranty for Samsung devices.

What do you think of this new effort by Samsung to claim more enterprise customers?