Google Nexus One with extended battery

I love the Google Nexus One. I don't love its battery life. Sure, its 1400mAh battery (officially rated at 10 hours' talk time on EDGE and 7 hours on 3G) can get me through most of a day, but just barely. And I get a little skittish when I get down to 30 percent or so. The Seidio Innocell 3200mAh extended battery ($69.95 in the Android Central Store) takes care of any fears while adding minimum bulk. Check it out after the break.

First things first: This is a much bigger battery, and thus it takes up more room. It has more than twice the capacity of the stock Nexus One battery, and twice that of its Seidio Innocell 1600mAh little brother (which fits in the stock size). So, it needs a new door. Seidio's is covered in that black soft-touch coating we're fond of. And while it does add some thickness to the phone -- only 6mm -- its curves keep it feeling good in the hand.

 The door fits snugly on the phone -- not as tight as the stock door, but it should be good enough so long as you're not rolling around in sand or something. there are cutouts for the camera, flash, speaker and the rear noise-canceling microphone.

Getting through a full day of use with this battery was a non-issue. Heck, we could probably get through two full days if we really wanted to. All in all, this battery is a must-have if you plan on traveling with your Nexus One. Snag it now for $69.95 from the Android Central Store.

Seidio 3200mAh extended battery (top) and stock batteryThe Seidio 3200mAh extended battery and extended battery door cover
Stock Nexus One (left) and N1 with extended batteryStock Nexus One (bottom) and N1 with extended battery