Google Play Store

According to, well, a lot of you fine folks out there, the new, redesigned Google Play Store is making its way to more devices today. (It started its trollout a couple weeks ago, pushing to just a small percentage of devices.)

If you've yet to experience it, things are pretty different. You've got some proper Material Design love. Promo graphics now dominate the app listings, with a play button overlay if the app has a promo video associated with it. (And a note to devs: those promo images become mandatory at the end of the month.) And we've actually seen a few other changes just in the past few weeks we've been running this version, with the number of downloads gaining a badge, and a few other little tweaks.

All in all, good changes. My only real complaint is that when a changelog runs more than a couple lines and you tap the "Read more" button, you then have to scroll through the whole app description to get back to the changelog. But that's a minor thing.

Look for the new Play Store to push to you any time now.