FEMA update brings ability to receive severe weather alerts for five locations

Severe weather is no joke, and trying to keep informed of the weather conditions your friends and family in various locations are facing is not as easy as some would like. FEMA has just released an update to their Android app which brings the ability to receive severe weather notifications for five different locations within the US. These notifications, which come from the National Weather Service, allow you to use a single app to keep up-to-date with weather alerts for various locations.

In addition to the new weather alerts the update fixes some bugs, as well as improves the overall performance of the app. There are many great weather apps available for Android, but this app is meant to do more than just give a forecast. The FEMA app is a great resource for preparing for storms — advising what to do during the storms, as well as getting help after the storm has passed. If you live in an area affected by severe weather, or have family in locations that are, grab the free app from Google Play.