Ravensword: Shadowlands

Ravensword: Shadowlands, Crescent Moon Games third in the Ravensword series, is now available in Google Play. I'll tell you up front -- it's not cheap. The game checks in at $6.99, but after just a few minutes playing it I know a lot of folks will think it's worth every penny. 

Ravensword: Shadowlands is an evolution of the RPG / adventure game genre, bringing character skills, plenty of items to hunt for, and a decent storyline. The kicker is that it also has some of the most impressive visuals we've ever seen. Running through the world, both above ground and in dungeons, comes to life because of incredible 3D details. It's a very "Elder Scrolls" look and feel. Mounted combat, multiple weapon choices, enchantments and quests make the gameplay exciting, and it's all very playable. In addition, if you're using a Tegra 3 device like the Nexus 7, you'll also have some superb bloom effects, real-time shadows, and life-like ragdoll physics. 

There is no way we can give this a full review in just one day, but we wanted to let everyone know it's now available. We'll revisit after we've had a chance to hack and slash our way through a little more. For now, hit the break to see the gameplay trailer, and the Google Play link above will direct you to the download. 

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