For you Twitter users out who are like me, you want a Twitter client that lets you quickly tweet and view the tweets of others quickly and without any hassle. Sure there are other clients out there such as Twidroid Pro that have powerful easy-access widgets, but you and I don’t need that. My perfect solution is Twidgit. No it doesn’t support multiple accounts or lists, but it is lightweight and quick enough for the most impatient of users.

Despite this being the Lite version, there is no version with more features, so what you see here is what you get. More after the break. 

You have the widget on your home screen, and it definitely fits the “Lite” description.  You get the latest tweet on your home screen, a compose button, and a refresh button. Tap on the widget and it opens to full screen:

Here we now have a list of all of our followers’ tweets, and I do mean all of them. We have no real filtering here, but again those of you who are like me don’t necessarily need that. Tap on the star icon for more options:

 This part is pretty self-explanatory; you can mark someone as a favorite, you can send an @reply, retweet a tweet (old-style only), and you can send a direct message. I haven’t found a use for marking a user as a favorite, except that it makes a nice yellow band with a star across the picture.

In the fullscreen app you again have the compose button. I must admit that I use this widget primarily to send tweets, and it does work well for that.


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Easy access to compose a tweet
  • Easy access to viewing tweets


  • No support for multiple accounts
  • No list support
  • Can’t view profiles
  • No new-style retweet