If you know any of us here at Android Central, you'll know we love our Twitter so when I had the chance to check out the latest application from LevelUp Studio, Touiteur, I jumped at the chance.

Touiteur is free for the the basic version and will run you about $3 for the premium version, which includes light and dark themes along with three sizes of widgets (4×1, 4×2, and 4×3). The widgets are not only well polished and look great on your homescreens -- they also allow you to send tweets quickly and glance at the latest tweets on your timeline.

The user interface and other features are nice touches that set it apart from other Android Twitter clients. When you click the Tweet button at the top, the menu bounces down or the ability to use colors for different people you follow. So if you follow Android Central (and you should!) you can set it's color to red to make it easy to pick out of the crowd of Tweets. There's also support for multiple accounts, notification options, photo Tweeting and URL shortening. There are enough user options in this app to make your head spin. 

Touiteur's still in development, and there is no threaded messaging yet, and you still can't upload video. But LevelUp Studio has already rolled out updates, and with more to come it is committed to be keep improving this already great app.

Check out a video of Touiteur in action along with some screenshots after the break!