PS3 Trophies

PS3 Trophies V1.4 is an  application for all of you PlayStation 3 gamers out there. Any true gamer can appreciate an application like this, especially since it is free of charge if you would like to donate to the developer for his time and effort feel free to visit his website.

PS3 Trophies V1.4 displays not only your profile information but you also get a glimpse of  the games you've played along with trophies for each respective game. With a recent update you are now able to access your friends list so you can check your friends status, see which game they are playing, compare trophies and even message them. This is definitely an app that comes in handy if you love your PS3 trophies.

So for all of the gamers who happen to be Android owners, what other applications on the market are you using? Let us know in the comments below or swing by our Android Applications forum!

Some more screenshots after the break!