pixel zombies live wallpaper

Zombies!  RUN!  There are two things I totally geek out on -- Android phones and zombie games. When I saw that Hayden The Android sent us over a copy of Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper to evaluate and review I dove after it before any of the rest of us could snatch it away from me :) In the end it didn't matter -- as soon as I'm done writing this I'm buying it from the Android Market so it's mine forever.

It's simple enough.  Determine the number of zombies (red pixels) you want to start with, the total population, and the number of zombie-killers (blue pixels) and apply.  Then sit back and watch the carnage! There are a few other settings as well (click the link for some other screen shots), but nothing complicated.  All nice and simple like a good zombie infestation should be.  Oh, there's one more treat -- when things get too bad, and your zombie killers are up against the wall and outnumbered, drop a shortcut on your home screen to trigger a cleansing nuclear blast that kills off everything, just like a good nuclear blast should :)  Follow the break to see a few more screen shots as well as some download links.  Then prepare for the zombie apocalypse! Android 2.1 + only, ROM must have live wallpapers running

pixel zombies settings page 1  pixel zombies settings page 2

Pixel Zombies settings

pixel zombies bomb blast

Launch the nukes! (looks great on device, choppy from ddms capture)