Project Fi app

We're now a full week out from the announcement of Project Fi, and Google has just put the Project Fi app in the Play Store for us to drool over. And while Google has yet to send out any invitations to use the service, you can now download the Project Fi app to your phone — though there's not much reason to just yet.

You can download the app to most phones, which is surprising considering the service is restricted to use on the Nexus 6 — but when we've tried to run it on several non-Nexus phones the app has simply crashed. (We expect the Play Store listing to be limited to just the N6 soon.) But you're not missing out on much — when you launch the app on a Nexus 6 you're simply going to get a splash screen telling you to sign in with your Project Fi credentials, something we wish we had, but sadly don't.

In addition to the Project Fi app, Google has released a Google Connectivity Services app as well. The purpose of this app is pretty simple:

Google Connectivity Services helps Android handle network connections. Keep it updated to ensure your device has the latest networking capabilities, including support for connecting to Wi-Fi networks automatically and using a Google VPN to help secure your data.

Google was nice enough to include some screenshots in the Play Store listing to give you a feel for the app either way.

After you install the app and continue to wait for your invite, be sure to check out our price comparison between Project Fi and other carriers to see if it may be worth trying.