Pebble Time Watch

Much like the older Pebble app already available for the first-gen hardware, Pebble Time Watch allows for synchronization and offers other features for connected smartwatches. It's a brand new app with access to the Pebble appstore, where not only apps but watchfaces can be downloaded and installed on the connected Pebble Time.

The app also acts as the gateway to over-the-air updates for the smartwatch. As new software releases are made available, the app can automatically check, download and apply said updates. Support contacts, settings, resources, community links and more can be found within the app.

As well as apps built with the new SDK version 3.0, the app also supports Pebble apps using 2.0, offering a wider collection to select from when it comes to browsing the catalogue. The app currently sits on version 3.0, which introduced:

  • Support for Pebble Time watchapps, features, accessories, and data sources (e.g. Timeline-based apps, color watchfaces, weather/sports data, and more).
  • Organize what's on your Pebble by Watchfaces and Apps/Timeline. Dragging downloaded watchapps within the menu reorders them and syncs the changes to your Pebble (woo-hoo!).
  • Toggle settings, set as active watchface, contact developer, and more by tapping any item within My Pebble.
  • In My Pebble, the watchface with the green checkmark is the one currently active on your watch. Quickly change the active watchface by tapping the empty circle of another watchface in the menu.
  • Supports both new Pebble Time watchapps AND all items currently available in the Pebble appstore.

Pebble Time is currently shipping to Kickstarter backers only. Do note that this app is only for those who have adopted the Pebble Time series of wearables. Should you be rocking the original Pebble or Pebble Steel, you'll need to download the older app.

You can grab Pebble Time Watch on the Google Play Store.