Nextbit — the startup who describes themselves as "a bunch of folks from places like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Dropbox" have just announced their upcoming product at the CodeMobile conference. Labeled as Baton, it looks to be a deeply embedded method of sharing application data across multiple devices, in real time.

Their examples list features such as:

  • Sync: Keeps apps and data in sync across multiple devices, allowing users to move fluidly from one device to the next without missing a beat.
  • Pass: Send any open app in its current state to another device, saving time and eliminating the tedious process of manually finding and opening apps on different devices.
  • Backup and restore: Save apps and data to your Nextbit profile in the cloud, so you can always get your apps back on any device.

The service will launch — in beta — on CyanogenMod soon. The planned public release is also said to be a CyanogenMod only affair, as it requires "open" Android to make things work the way they want them to work.

The idea is interesting, for sure. We're waiting to have a look and see all of the hows and whys when the beta is released.

Source: Nextbit; Cyanogen