By now, we are all aware of the GPS issues that have plagued the Galaxy S series of phones since release. In that time, several supposed fixes have emerged, including one directly from Samsung. How effective these methods have been isn't exactly clear as they have all had mixed results. Now, a more direct -- albeit complicated and risky -- method for fixing your GPS issues on the Vibrant has emerged over at XDA Developers, with relatively high success.

This method involves actually altering the internal components of the phone, particularly the GPS antenna and it contacts. You will also need to be running the JI6 modem or later, and your phone will have needed to be manufactured prior to October.  Let us be very clear that this method involves breaking the Vibrant down completely.

*Be advised that this method can will void your warranty, and if you goof anything up you will likely brick your phone permanently.*

If you feel comfortable with this after adhering to this warning, head over to the source link for the full instructions at your own risk! [XDA Developers] Thanks, r3g!