moving apps to the SD card

One of the big perks about Froyo is the ability to move applications to the microSD card storage.  It's easy to do, and if you don't plan on using swappable SD cards it's something you should check out.  From the home screen:

  • Hit the menu button, then Settings > Applications > Manage applications
  • Make sure the "Downloaded" tab (the one on the far left) is selected
  • Press any of the apps in the list, and see if the "Move to SD card" option is enabled
  • If so, press it and enjoy the extra space

It's up to the application developer whether or not to enable this setting, so many apps are still not movable.  There are also a few caveats to keep in mind:

  • Widgets will run very poorly (if at all) when moved to the SD card
  • Apps that must be available at boot (Launcher's, Live wallpaper, etc) should not be moved to the SD card
  • While the SD card is mounted to a computer, all applications moved to the card are unavailable