Modified version of Android L to allow Project Ara to support hot-swappable modules

Google's modular Project Ara smartphone is due to launch in 2015 with a special version of the Android L operating system. Along with that news, Google's Paul Eremenko also announced that we should see hot-swappable components so you can swap the camera modules, for example, without having to power off the phone.

Almost all the components of Project Ara will be hot-swappable, except the display and the CPU.

"Project Ara will use a modified version of Android L, developed in collaboration with Linaro," Google said on its Phonebloks blog. "Thanks to this version, the modules, except the CPU and the display, will be hot swappable."

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The modules will be available for sale through "a new online store," and the Google Play store was cited as one example.

Project Ara will have a second developer conference in December and the modular phone should be consumer-ready for early 2015.

Source: Phonebloks