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Marvel has announced an awesome limited-time promo as a part of their SXSW presence. Anyone using the official Marvel Comics app for Android can download over 700 first issues for free. These #1 titles range from the classics to the more contemporary stuff. The frenzy over these issues is pretty amped, so your download speeds might not be so great right now. You'll still want to get in on this, because it wraps up at 11 PM Tuesday night. David Gabriel, one of the dudes from Marvel, commented on why they kicked off this promotion. 

"At its core, Marvel #1 is all about bringing new readers into the fold. That doesn’t just mean fans who have never read a comic, but [also] longtime fans [who want] to jump into books they may have been waiting to try. With a plethora of great content and digital devices—be it tablets or smart phones—in more hands than ever, there is no better time to launch an initiative such as this."

So, any comic fans ready to get downloading? How about those of you that used to be into comics but not so much anymore? Will this generous sampling actually get folks to start buying digital comics?

Update: Marvel has acknowledged that they're having technical issues. No ETA on resolution, but sit tight.

Source: Marvel