Complete Action Dialogue

Ryan writes,

I need to know how to change the default option for choosing photos under Facebook Messenger. The current option is File Expert and I do not know how to change it back to gallery. I need help with this.

One of Android's best features is the ability to choose default apps -- but how do you clear defaults and choose again?

When you use a sharing or file handling action in an app -- such as attaching a picture in Facebook Messenger -- and have multiple apps that can handle the job, you'll be given a dialogue like the one you see above. You can choose which app you want to handle the action this time, and can select (accidentally or not) to always use that app to handle actions of that type. If you've made the wrong choice, or would like to use another app once, it's an easy fix.

Default App SettingsDefault App Settings

While the absolute specifics will vary depending on the version of Android and manufacturer of your device, the general process will be the same. Head to your device settings, then app settings and scroll through your apps until you find the one that you want to clear as a default handler. In Ryan's case, he'll want to find "File Expert" in his apps list, tap it and scroll down to "Launch by default", where there will be an illuminated button labeled "Clear defaults".

Hit that button, and the next time you visit any app that can use File Expert (or whatever app you've selected) to handle actions, you'll be given the option to choose from all available apps once again. Remember that if you just want to use a particular app a single time, you can select the "Just once" option when choosing -- the same dialogue will pop up again the next time you come back to the app.

Choose wisely this time around and you won't be diving back into the settings to clear defaults as often.

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