Marshmallow joins the ranks

Google has again released an update on the distribution numbers for each version of Android, with Lollipop rising by another 2.1 percent, and Marshmallow making its first appearance on the chart. The new numbers show that Marshmallow is on 0.3 percent of devices, and Lollipop is now installed on 25.6 percent of active Android devices. This is up from 23.5 percent last month. KitKat is down a little again, from 38.9 percent to 37.8 percent, and Jelly Bean is now at 29 percent, down from 30.2 percent.

New version numbers

As for the rest, Ice Cream Sandwich is sitting at 3.3 percent, a small drop from the previous 3.4, and Gingerbread is holding steady at 3.8 percent. Finally, Froyo remains the same at 0.2 percent. It's great to see the adoption of Lollipop continue to grow, and it will be interesting to see where Marshmallow ranks in the coming months.

Source: Google