LG SmartThinQ Sensor

LG has announced that the company will be showcasing the latest smart home technology and products at this year's IFA 2015. The new announcements will include the SmartThinQ Sensor, which can be attached to existing home appliances, including refrigerators and washing machines, as well as the Smart Lightwave Oven and Smart Air Conditioner with support for AllJoyn.

This SmartThinQ is a small accessory that will be able to relay information to the SmartThinQ mobile app after being attached to a compatible appliance. Various sensors will pick up readings like vibration and temperature that will be sent to the app. For example: placing the smart product on your washing machine will utilize said readings to notify you when your laundry is finished.

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It's an interesting product that will at least add some degree of support and functionality to existing "dumb" appliances. As for the new Smart Lightwave Oven from LG, this new cooker is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you'll be able to use your smartphone to set cooking modes, temperatures and times for a specific dish. Much like the company's washing machines, the Smartwave Oven will be able to perform self-diagnosis should issues arise.

Same goes for the Smart Air Conditioner, which can not only be controlled remotely, but the unit will inform the owner when it's time to replace the air filter. The company will showcase said products at IFA, which we'll be present at. So remain tuned for more details!

SEOUL, Aug. 31, 2015 ― LG Electronics (LG) will showcase its latest smart home technology at IFA 2015 in Berlin this week to enhance the lives of consumers. LG's new SmartThinQ Sensor can be attached to many traditional home appliances to make them "smart-aware". What's more, LG will unveil their Smart Lightwave Oven and Smart Air Conditioner that are compatible with AllJoyn, an open platform for the internet of things (IoT) developed by the Allseen Alliance.

The SmartThinQ Sensor is a circular device that can be attached to existing home appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators, to sense feedback such as vibration and temperature and communicate those readings to the SmartThinQ app on users' smartphones. For example, attaching the sensor to a normal washing machine door transforms the washer into a smart appliance that informs the user when the laundry cycle is complete. Attach the SmartThingQ Sensor to a refrigerator and it will send a notification to a connected smartphone when a particular food item is about to expire. The sensor will also keep track of how many times the door is opened even when you're not home. And connecting the SmartThingQ Sensor to an air conditioner or other appliances will allow users to control the appliances remotely through the SmartThinQ app.

AllJoyn is a collaborative open-source software framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and communicate with each other. AllJoyn is endorsed by all members of the Allseen Alliance, a cross-industry IoT consortium of more than 180 companies. The AllJoyn compatible Smart Lightwave Oven from LG allows users to download, update and share recipes with friends and relatives via their mobile devices. The Smart Lightwave Oven is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing homeowners to use their smartphones to set the cooking mode, temperature and cooking time for a given dish. The Smart Lightwave Oven can even perform self-diagnosis and help find solutions and repair information online through an LG service center. LG's Smart Air Conditioner not only informs owners when to replace the air filter, it can also be controlled remotely from a smartphone, putting an end to entering a hot, stuffy home on a hot day.

"Adoption of smart home appliances has been slow because of the perception that the technology is not easily accessible," said Jo Seong-jin, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. "LG is committed to continuing its leadership in the smart home market with innovations such as LG SmartThingQ, which provides real-life benefits and offers new lifestyle conveniences through technology that is easy to use."

LG's smart appliances and more will be on display at LG's IFA booth in Hall 18 of Messe Berlin from September 4-9.