App development is the bees' knees right now. The cat's pajamas. "Where it's at". But do you build apps for iOS or Android? And which software do you use to do it? Of course, you want your apps to be in both the Google Play Store and the App Store, so do you bounce back and forth between coding languages to get them there? No.

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There's a big opportunity for people who use Xamarin to help develop apps for both iOS and Android, simultaneously. People who can use Xamarin to its fullest are much-sought-after in the current app development industry and the current app development industry is thriving. You need to get in there and show 'em what you got. But you need to learn Xamarin and get some real-world app-building experience first.

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Enter the Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle from Android Central Digital Offers. Through more than 57 hours of content, you'll learn the absolute basics of Xamarin, right up to the most advanced cross-platform development techniques, and you'll build fully functional apps for iOS and Android using the C# programming language. That's lifetime access to almost 60 hours of content, comprising 6 courses, for only $35. Go elsewhere for this kind of education, and you'd end up spending over $1000, but at Android Central Digital Offers, you save 96%!

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In the first course, you'll learn the basics of Xamarin and jump in the deep end, creating fully developed apps. From there, you'll tackle mastering C#, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin and Android, building native cross-platform apps, and finish off with the Ultimate Xamarin Course, where you'll learn advanced development techniques and strategies.

App development is big business right now and being able to simultaneously create apps for the two biggest mobile platforms is not only efficient but a valuable skill in the industry. Grab the Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle from Android Central Digital Offers and learn all there is to know about Xamarin so that you can get a foot in the app development door and start to build your career. Just don't pay over $1000 elsewhere. Get lifetime access to over 57 hours of content for just $35 at Android Central Digital Offers.