The team behind the acclaimed mobile game Monument Valley, Ustwo Games, have finally released their next project, Land's End. The game, which was first announced over a year ago, is now available as an exclusive for the Samsung Gear VR headset via the Oculus store.

The game, which costs $7.99, has a look and feel that is similar to the great PC adventure games of the early 1990s like Myst. Ustwo Games says:

The project was heavily inspired by beautiful yet isolated regions from around the world, including the Hebrides, Iceland and Saudi Arabia. Further inspiration came from neolithic sites and artifacts, including Stonehenge. Exploring a world filled with these spectacular landscapes, the player is tasked with awakening an ancient civilization using the power of their mind. Samsung's Gear VR headset allowed Ustwo Games to combine their experience in mobile game design and interactive storytelling with the exciting possibilities of new virtual reality technology.

If you are in need of a Gear VR, pre-orders for the new version of the headset are being taken at Best Buy for the price of $99.

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Source: Land's End

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