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So you've got apps. You love your apps. And you want to keep them updated. Maybe there were bugs that needed to be fixed. Maybe there were features added. Regardless of the reason, you want to keep your apps up to date. And there are a couple of ways to go about doing so.

Your apps may update automatically. That's something you have set for each app. After that, they'll update in the background, and you're good to go. But if an app's permissions have changed, you'll need to approve the update. It's a security thing.

You can also choose whether you want your phone to notify you that updates are available. Open the Android Market app, tap the menu button, choose settings, and the flip the switch.

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Keep your apps up to date


Even though it's a good tip I never allow my apps to auto-update.
A lot of times if you read the comments on an "updated" app there are more problems than fixes. :/

Question: If I factory reset my phone will all the apps I installed via the Android Market be easily listed for me to reinstall...or do I have to go hunt them one by one and so I should make a list of them before I factory reset????

I've heard that paid apps reinstall automatically but free apps don't...In need confirmation please as to what is the truth.


I'm not sure either. I know the last few times I setup my phones they like to try and auto download a ton of apps from the Market...but most are old. Not sure what triggers is a list I wish I could edit. I am sure there are paid apps that can save and re download for you.

Yup, I had to factory reset my Galaxy S when I upgraded to Froyo. All that was left in my Marketplace was Google Streetview (free) and Tetris (paid). All other apps were cleared out.

Due to my phone's gigantic internal storage, I never downloaded an app to SD. But my suspicion would leave me to believe that if you download them to SD, they would be saved in the Marketplace 'Download' section as well.

They do reinstall all apps and paid apps you've installed that are tied to the registered gmail account.

Last week i did a factory reset and market attempted to install 260 + apps that i've installed since using android. This caused market to crash while i attempted to scroll through and cancel the install of apps i no longer use.

market apps should auto reinstall I believe, it may be a setting you have to turn on or maybe a stock vanilla Android thing only. When I ditched Sense I had to reinstall everything.. a good trick is use AppBrain, sync your phone with it and it'll create a list of all your apps. that way you can easily see what you need to install. there are a few other options as well I'm sure but I hope this helps.

With my Sprint Hero, I would have apps updated almost every morning when I grabbed my phone off the charger to head off to work.

Now I have an EVO and it has NEVER (read: never. ever.) automatically updated an app without me first launching the market - it's like the service just is not running in the background.

Is there a way to fix that? Am I the only one having this issue? Is it only for EVOs?

I have a Samsung Fascinate and my applications never auto update. They will sometimes "auto" update when I start up the Marketplace but most of the time I need to click each app and click update. They never update independently apart form my entering the Marketplace.

My wife thought it was cool you could set your apps to auto-update. Until she hadn't gone into the market app for like 3 weeks only to find that all those updates kick off at the same time making her phone completely unusable for about 2 hours....

If you have auto-update turned on, why does it not update the apps serially rather than attempting them all in parallel?

Also, why is it you don't get notifications of app-updates until you enter the market?

My EVO, running a Sense ROM, notifies me of updates just fine altho not the moment they happen... It's like it checks once a day or something. If I put them off it pops back up eventually (definitely after a reboot). AppBrain's interface isn't very intuitive but it's the best way of synchronizing free apps after a wipe, which in my experience doesn't happen automatically (maybe on AOSP ROMs? or GB?).

The thing is, notifications never worked for me, unless I entered Android market myself, then those notifications appear. or they appear, after i already updated those apps. Auto update also has its bugs. Sometimes does not auto update, sometimes, if there are more than one app needing update, it gets stuck with preparing to download. Or a lot of times it says: need manual update.
This happened with HTC Desire stock rom, and custom roms, and now with Samsung Nexus S stock.