Judge dismisses antitrust case against Google over bundled apps and services

An antitrust case against Google over bundling its own apps and services into Android phones has been dismissed by a federal judge today. The suit in question claimed that Google's contracts with smartphone makers that required its own apps and services to come bundled on their devices put rival apps at a disadvantage and lead to higher prices.

Reuters reported:

But in Friday's decision, U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman in San Jose, California said the consumers failed to show that higher prices stemmed from Google's having illegally forced restrictive contracts on the handset makers.

She also said she could not tell how many supply chain levels there were between the handset makers who signed the alleged anticompetitive contracts, and the consumers themselves.

This follows a request by Judge Freeman in December for plaintiffs to submit additional factual information. The judge has given plaintiffs three weeks to amend their claims.

Source: Reuters