Last Sunday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter saying that he was working with President Xi in China to help dig ZTE out of the hole it's been in for the past few weeks. Now, the House Appropriations Committee has issued an order preventing Trump from doing anything.

According to Democratic Representative Dutch Ruppersberger —

This amendment would prevent the Commerce Department from renegotiation of the sanctions it just enacted last month on ZTE.

Ruppersberger continued with —

Supporting this amendment will show that the U.S. government stands behind the sanctions that it enacts, and will enforce them. It also further prevents foreign companies beholden to their governments from further infiltrating our U.S. networks

Those "sanctions" Ruppersberger mentions refer to the Denial Order the U.S. Department of Commerce issued against ZTE in mid-April. This decision eventually led to ZTE stopping all main business operations on May 9, effectively putting the company on hold until it can figure out what to do.

Rumors have been circulating that Samsung will supply ZTE with its Exynos processors since the Denial Order prevents ZTE from buying Snapdragon ones from U.S.-based Qualcomm, and while that could help ZTE with its operations in other parts of the world, this most recent move by the House Appropriations Committee makes it look near impossible for ZTE to have any presence in the United States for the foreseeable future.

ZTE is DOA, but has the U.S. government gone too far?