Motorola selfie stick

And Google, is well, sticking to what is now a tradition of pranking its own services:



Ever wanted to share your feelings toward a story with a reactionary selfie? With ChromeSelfie, now you can. The selfie mode is now accessible in Chrome for mobile via the "Share a reaction" button in the menu, which splits the screen into two, the top half featuring the screen and the bottom half the camera, through which you can take a selfie.

Source: Google

Smartbox by Inbox

It's time to free your mail. And Google is doing just that by merging physical mailboxes with all the features found in the electronic variety.

Source: Google

Google Panda

All the features of Google Now in the shape of a panda. Who wouldn't want one?

Source: Google

Motorola Selfie Stick

"It's like when the sun turns the rain into a rainbow." For all you selfie aficionados out there, Motorola is listening.

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Source: Motorola

Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge

Galaxy BLADE edge

Samsung's next frontier is the kitchen with the Galaxy BLADE edge, which comes with a diamond edge blade and a set of sensors "that analyze your grip, dexterity and strength."

Source: Samsung


Cyanogen is trying to build an alternate Android, with funding from Microsoft to boot. Or is it?

Cyanogen April Fools

Source: Reddit

OnePlus Drone

The OnePlus is getting into the drone industry with the DR-1. As it turns out, the drone is a quadcopter with a wingspan of just 70mm, making it the smallest remote-controllable drone in the world. To add to the exclusivity factor, the DR-1 will be available in select quantities.

Source: OnePlus

T-Mobile Pets Un-leashed

The Uncarrier is now turning to liberating your pets with its latest initiative.

Source: T-Mobile


Google reverse

Type into your browser to enjoy Google Search in reverse.

Reddit switcheroo

The mods over at r/Android and r/Apple swapped CSS, giving the Apple subreddit a Material Design makeover and the Android subreddit a distinctive iOS-style flair.

ASUS Zenfone Zero

ASUS Zenfone Zero

ASUS is taking a trip down nostalgia lane with the Zenfone Zero, which comes with the vendor's Ear Control technology. You can also carry it around as a smartphone "by removing the panel part!"

Source: ASUS

Vodafone Emoji Phone

Vodafone Emoji

Who needs to use words when messaging, right? Emoji's are the future in Vodafone's eyes and here is how we will communicate in the years to come.

Source: Vodafone



What could be better than a connected smartsock, right? Just about anything probably, but the RE Sok can keep you in-the-know about your messages, find its partner sock, and even give out a nice warning when it has a hole.

Source: HTC

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