Google has announced Android Wear 2.0, the biggest update to the platform yet. The update will evolve the platform even further, allowing any watch face to show information from any app that you wish. This means that you can take a watch face that you enjoy and customize it with your Todoist tasks, Google Fit data and more if you wish.

Android Wear 2.0

Google is evolving the platform to help build better experiences, with watch faces, messaging and fitness being the focus. The update will enable a handwriting keyboard input for replying to messages from your wrist. Apps will now be able to send data between themselves using the Google Fit Data API, and they will be able to automatically start tracking workouts when you start moving.

Apps are now able to be standalone on the watch, so you don't need to bring your phone with you anymore. You'll also be able to stream music to headphones from your watch directly, further freeing you up from your phone..

Developers can download a preview today, and the full release is due to arrive this fall. For much more on Android Wear 2.0 for developers, including details on the new Complications API and more, be sure to check out Google's full blog post on the forthcoming update.