Google's voice search gets better at fielding complex questions

Google's voice search is getting a big upgrade today, with the company announcing that it can now answer more complex natural language questions. The update comes in the form of a few different improvements, including the ability to understand superlatives, better handling of questions about particular points in time, and some complex combinations.

First up, Google will now better understand questions containing superlatives such as "tallest" and "largest." So, for example, you can ask Google "What are the largest cities in Texas" and it will return an answer rather than a search. Similarly, with better handling of dates, Google can now better answer questions such as "What songs did Taylor Swift record in 2014?"

Finally, Google says it has increased voice search's ability to understand more complex combinations, resulting in proper answers to queries such as "Who was the U.S. President when the Angels won the World Series?"

The company acknowledges that users may still run into some hiccups as voice search continues to improve. But still, these updates seem like a big step forward in voice search's quest to understand natural language input. Since the changes detailed take place on Google's end, you should be able to try them out now.

Source: Google