Google's Project Flux aims to bring time traveling to cars

Google is having a little fun to celebrate Back to the Future Day, as plans for a time-traveling car have 'leaked' out. Dubbed Project Flux, Google tweeted the link to the plans in a post that appeared to be related to new Gmail themes. So what is Project Flux supposed to be all about? Google lists it as:

With Project Flux our goal is to give everyone the ability to explore any place and any time, no matter where—or when—they are.

It builds on Google's mission to make information universally accessible and useful by giving people a front row seat to experience anything they are curious about.

The amount of effort put into this by Google is rather impressive. At a quick glance, you could easily be fooled that this is something that Google is working on, and knowing Google its likely not entirely out of the question. The early test locations are all movie references, which anyone who's seen the movie would instantly recognize. Check out Google's full plans for Project Flux at the link below.

Source: Project Flux