Google's self-driving car prototypes hit the roads in California

Just as promised in May, Google has started testing its latest self-driving car prototypes on public roads in California. The new prototypes, first shown off last year, will be joining Google's fleet of modified Lexus vehicles that have already been on the roads for some time.

From Google:

These prototype vehicles are designed from the ground up to be fully self-driving. They're ultimately designed to work without a steering wheel or pedals, but during this phase of our project we'll have safety drivers aboard with a removable steering wheel, accelerator pedal, and brake pedal that allow them to take over driving if needed. The prototypes' speed is capped at a neighborhood-friendly 25mph, and they'll drive using the same software that our existing Lexus vehicles use—the same fleet that has self-driven over 1 million miles since we started the project.

While their new cars hit the streets, Google has set up a dedicated feedback page for people that find themselves driving alongside on of these prototypes. So, if you find yourself near one of the prototypes on your next cruise and have something to say, feel free to send in your feedback.

Source: Google+