The Google Pixelbook is an expensive laptop, but for fans of Chrome OS, it's worth every single penny. I'm been loving my time with the Pixelbook so far, and I've eagerly been waiting for Google to let me buy its official sleeve for the thing. However, now that I can and pricing details are out, I think I'll go with something else.

First, let me say that Google's sleeve for the Pixelbook looks darn good. The gray finish compliments the Pixelbook's white and silver paint-job, and the flap on the top with the Google logo in the upper-left corner nicely mimic the front design of the laptop itself.

Inside the sleeve is where you'll find a layered microfiber finish to help protect the Pixelbook, and there's even room on the right side to store your Pixelbook Pen, too.

As great as all of this looks, however, I'm not so sure it's worth the $100 asking price. I have no doubt the sleeve is probably the best one you can buy for the Pixelbook, and for as nice of a machine as it is, I fully understand wanting to protect it at all costs.

You can check it out with a click or tap of the button below, but personally, I'll be sticking with something a bit more affordable.

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