Google's ARC Welder helps Android developers bring their apps to Chrome

With the ARC Welder Chrome App, developers can easily run their app's APK file in Chrome OS and the Chrome browser to test compatibility and make tweaks before bringing it to the Chrome Web Store.

The ARC in the tool's name refers to the App Runtime for Chrome, which is a native extension that runs Android apps in a sandboxed window.

As detailed on its developer site, once a developer launches the ARC Welder app in Chrome, they simply attach their APK to begin testing. Once the APK is loaded, developers are given a number of options on how to load the app based on orientation and form factor — though Google recommends testing the app in a tablet or maximized form factor with landscape orientation. If the developer is satisfied with the look, they'll simply make a few changes to ensure interaction on a keyboard-and-mouse device is up to speed.

While we've seen a few high-profile Android apps, like Evernote and Vine, make the jump to Chrome OS, ARC Welder could potentially increase the number of ported apps significantly.

If you're a developer interested in testing your app out in ARC Welder, you can check out how to get started from the source link below.

Source: Google; Via: OMG! Chrome!