Google doesn't want you to use a separate app or scour the depths of the internet to find something interesting to do. Instead, it wants you to give its ol' search engine a try. The latest update to the Google app and mobile website enables the search engine to tap into feeds from services like Eventbrite, Meetup, and Songkick to directly display what's happening near you.

To try it, type in a search like "art events this weekend" on your phone. You'll see variety of options, including an extended event calendar and tabs for the different days of the week. You can also type in the date or day of the week for more specific results, or "events near me" to see what's happening near your location.

The update appears to be on a slow roll out to both Android and iOS users, as the new features weren't available for me at press time. I also live in a smaller town, and it'll be interesting to ses if the lack of things happening nearby will affect this ability outright.

If you manage an event-centric site, you can check out the varying guidelines for marking up your own events so that they're more discoverable.