The pace of updates to Google+ has dwindled over the last year, but in a reminder that the platform is very much still alive Google has rolled out three solid updates. The changes, which will come via app and web updates in the next couple of weeks, center around handling comments, seeing more in your feed and bringing back events to the community.


First and perhaps most importantly for brands and people with large followings, Google+ will start automatically filtering out what it considers "lower quality" comments from your posts. You'll be able to hit the overflow menu and tap "show low quality comments" to view what it selected, but chances are the new leaner view will be preferred.

Google+ comment hiding

Speaking of cleaner, Google+ is also giving us all a more compact feed to look at with less white space and more content. Google+ has tried a few different strategies on mobile, but a common theme up until now was you couldn't even see a whole post without scrolling — this update will undoubtedly aim to change that. At the same time, photographers get a cool little feature allowing zooming in on photos.

Finally, Google+ is bringing back its "events" feature. Starting January 24, you'll be able to create, manage and join events on Google+ (starting on the web) once again. Considering the strong use of communities on Google+, it only made sense to have events be a part of the experience as well.