Google is introducing a new video ad format called Bumpers, which allow advertisers to create six-second advertisements for YouTube. The company hopes that advertisers see Bumpers as a cost-effective way to drive incremental reach for their products.

Google introduces new short video ad format for YouTube

From Google:

Given the succinct nature of the format, we've seen Bumper ads work best when combined with a TrueView or Google Preferred campaign. In early tests, Bumpers drove strong lift in upper funnel metrics like recall, awareness and consideration. We also see that Bumpers work well to drive incremental reach and frequency when paired with a TrueView campaign.

Bumpers have already seen some success with early testers like Atlantic records, who used them to promote an upcoming album. Audi Germany used Bumpers to create serialized ads for the company's new SUVs.

Here's an example of an Atlantic Records bumper:

Advertisers will be able to start using Bumpers in May, and Google hints that there are more new video ad formats on the way.