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A major feature of Google+ is "Instant Upload." That's a sweet little deal that will automatically upload your pictures and video to Picasa (Google's longtime image-sharing service), all without you having to do anything. It's something you'll be asked to set up when you first launch Google+, but it's worth a deeper look.

Google+ uploads First off, it's not quite as scary as it sounds. If you enable it, it will, in fact, upload all of the images on your phone to Picasa. Do note that as indicated by the settings above, only new pictures will automatically upload, but you can tell it to send everything that's on your phone, too, if you wish. And also note that by default, these images are only visible to you -- not to everyone in your circles. You still have to share them if you want others to see them. So that picture you took of your butt (or worse)  late one night won't be automatically shared, just uploaded.

That brings about the issue in that it's not quite as easy to delete uploaded pictures as we'd like (nor is the selective uploading of batches of images). But as Google+ matures, we only expected it to be better itegrated with the core apps of Android.

Other settings of note: You can choose whether to upload while on mobile networks, or Wifi-only, or if you only want to do photos or photos and video, or only while charging.

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Google+ tip: Instant upload


To auto upload pictures in full resolution to my own server I made an app with the same features called 'AutoShare'. Also supports Dropbox but with your own webspace there are more possibilities.

Why use picasa until they make it better?

Just use Photobucket
2.doesn't upload until YOU want to.
3.Is VERY user friendly AND customizable.

Google* and Picasa aren't near as good. I have been using it for months now and love it.

Just my 2 cents worth.

I love the auto upload but there are a couple problems.

1. It tries to upload everything until you indicate new things only.
2. For some reason the video upload feature breaks after a certain time. I don't know if this is due to turning wifi off mid file or what but after it stops the only way to fix this is to uninstall and install again. I've had to do this 3 times. And no it isn't because of my settings, google it and you will see other people with this issue, they haven't fixed it yet.
3. After reinstalling there is no way to upload the file(s) that have been missed unless you let it upload everything see (1) above. So I end up having to manually upload the files that it missed between the time it stopped working and the time I installed it again.
4. You can't mark certain folders for exclude or include. If you could do this then it would eliminate (1) above, and (2) would be less painful because then you wouldn't have to do (3).

Please google fix this!

why don't i find this feature any good? when i take pics i usually take several then pic the right one i want. with something like this, it will upload everything won't it? can i sort it out later if it does that? with the nexus' lag-less camera, i'll be taking more than my usual takes. i don't want 10 pictures of the same thing with 8 of them being throw-aways backed up.

Are there any apps that sync my phones camera with my home PC? Or from my phone, to the cloud, then to my PC?

But it compresses the hell out of your pictures. I prefer DropSync with Dropbox. Syncs all your photos to your DropBox account (At certains times, or on demand, or when on WiFi, or when Charging, or both).

Stable and it rocks.

Why do people who have obviously NEVER used this feature put in their input? It's quite clear many comments above are from people without a clue. Move along if your clueless please.

I have been using Picasa as my "cloud" backup (80Gig/$20/yr) for my pictures from my desktop and also to allow sharing with family and friends. This is one of the best features of Google+ for sure. The only problem I have with it so far is that it does not upload the original high quality picture... example a picture on my phone (GSII)is 3264x1968 pixels with a size of 2752Kb when uploaded it becomes 2048x1235 pixels and the size is 465.17K. I have not seen a setting that would make it keep the original picture quality like Picasa does when uploading, if someone knows how, please share. Oh, and YES.. it will eat up your battery really fast. I set mine to upload on WiFi and while charging.

Everyone pay attention to this one.

I pay for extra storage on Picasa so I wish that I could set G+ to upload files in their full resolution. Oh well, I can always do that on my desktop at home.

The good thing though is that even if my phone gets lost, I know that I'll always have an immediate backup of pics I just took, even if they're only 2-3MP. 2048x is better than 0x0.

And videos don't really have that limitation if you keep your vids under 15 (or 10) minutes. You get unlimited under that amount.

My only problem is, there seems to be no way to keep geotagging turned off. Which is weird, because my phone actually has geotagging turned off (which I thought would have taken care of it), but they still show up tagged. Not everyone wants their locations revealed to the masses of the internet...

Two great apps that makes instant upload a better experience is Picasa Tool and Quickpic. Both free in the Market. Picasa Tool enables you to view your Picasa albums and edit if you need to. Quickpic, which is superior to the native gallery app already, will allow you to hide albums that may clutter your gallery up.

Check your settings.. It's set to only upload on wifi by default, I think. Unless you're on wifi then I'm not sure what's up

This saved me when I dropped my phone and unknowingly lost my sd card. Everything was backed up. Great feature. And, I'm already trusting google with everything anyway, so a few pictures in the cloud aren't going to bother me.

I have a bunch of extra folders since I started using Google+. Any day I post a picture it creates a folder but this has nothing to do with instant upload.

The other issue with instant upload is the battery drain problem. Sure it will automatically save the images online, but it will use half your battery uploading that set of 10 picts from that party you went to... right before you needed what was going to be left of the battery to call a cab to get home...

to use half of the battery life you'd have to upload somewhere around 300 pictures, and there are so many ways to customize the way instant upload work, you can pretty much tell it exactly what you want it to do and what you don't want it to do.

The stock android gallery app had this feature if you turned on photo sync. So if that's all you see in google + you could have had this all along.

The only syncing the gallery app does is pulling in photos from the cloud for viewing. You can only manually upload photos through the gallery.